Chris Huizenga


Chris Huizenga is both a consultant and educator, ascribing to the mantra of build with, not for, teaching his clients how to rethink vision, mission, systems and relationships to accelerate their impact as the work takes shape. 

He is a Principal + Co-Founder of Borough + Block, a communications consultancy focusing on research, strategic planning, and storytelling for social impact clients. His work in this area includes community development marketing for neighborhoods, a place-based startup mobile application, and a communications plan to bridge gaps in arts education across an entire public education system in America’s 3rd largest city. 

Chris is also the Co-Founder of the Till School, Borough + Block’s summer program that teaches design thinking and creative leadership to high school and college students using live client work. Additionally, Chris teaches marketing and public relations at Columbia College Chicago, where he has taught courses on social change communications, public relations strategies, digital strategies, and social enterprise marketing since 2011. 

In 2008, he helped launch the nonprofit EPIC, a Chicago-based organization which draws together high-level creative professionals to perform research, strategy, and design services to help other nonprofits look as good as the value they provide society. He was its Executive Director from 2012–13.

Chris holds a B.A. in Organizational Communications from North Central College (Naperville, IL) and a Masters in Nonprofit Administration with distinction from North Park University (Chicago, IL).

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Areas of expertise

 Social Impact Activation and Acceleration; Teaching; Higher Education; Strategic Planning; Communication; Placebranding; Community Development; Non-profit Strategic Communications; Social Enterprise Planning + Marketing

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